Love Canal: Chemical Effects In Our Environment

I remember learning about a place called Love Canal in my environmental science class. It was one of the worst cases of chemical poisoning in American History due to the lack of concern by several companies and boards.

The area of Love Canal was meant to be a Utopian neighborhood, but when it was bought by a chemical company at a public auction, chemical dumping commenced. The canal was used by this chemical company and even the government as a dumping ground for hazardous wastes. After the land was again sold, a community was bulit on top of the buried wastes.

Its scientific fact that matter cannot be destroyed. The chemical wastes slowly burned through any container that held them, and leached into the ground, water and into residents’ basements. Slowly children and then adultts started getting sick, and pregnant women had children born with birth defects.

To learn more about Love Canal, you can read an article here, written by the EPA.

Also here is a video of Lois Gibbs describing her ordeal as a resident of Love Canal

It took one house wife to overcome all resistance from chemical companies and school boards to bring attention, and find a solution to the probelm of Love Canal. For more information on Lois Gibbs struggles, here is an article about her involvement.

After seeing Crude in class, I couldn’t help but see the similarities between the situations. Obviously, it doesn’t take a foreign country for American companies to poison and sicken people. It can simply happen in our own country, in our own backyards.

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